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I had been in a miserable marriage for 13 years and I wanted it over. I couldn’t wait any longer but I stayed married only for my children and eventually realized that wasn’t a reason to stay. A year prior to making the decision to leave my marriage our family had moved to the Dominican Republic. It was great for them to learn how to give, how to love, and how to be humble.  Once there, I opened schools and took care of many children. Then it all went sideways. One year after moving to the Dominican Republic I just couldn’t deal with my husband anymore.

The final straw was when he wanted to have sex with a hooker and have me watch.

He was always emotionally crazy. He tried to buy everyone in his life. I called him my emotional vampire. One day I finally got the courage to leave him. I told him that I didn’t love him. I don’t believe I was ever actually in love with him.

We were living separate lives and the original custody arrangement of the children was one week on and one week off. One day he told me he needed to go back to the States for business and would be gone for two weeks. He asked if I could take them for that two weeks – absolutely I could. I too had a business opportunity come up in the States and I asked the same of him. No problem.

Upon leaving for the United States, I put my children’s passports in my safe in my house. After going over it in my head a thousand times, I decided to leave the passports in case there was an emergency, and then the children could be taken out of the country. He didn’t know I had left them though. While I was gone, he broke into my house and stole my children’s passports from the safe. He then proceeded to drain all my bank accounts. He left me was seven dollars. He trashed my home and I had to give up my possessions to pay for all the damages to the owner. All my possessions! But worse than that, he took my kids and he hid them. He kidnapped my girls!

Now I’m alone in a country with only seven dollars and I can’t find my children.

Once I found my girls I couldn’t get to them. My ex was keeping them locked up away from me. He had security guards keeping me out of the compound. I made an appointment with an attorney in the United States to get my children back. But, I had no money. A friend bought me a plane ticket on a Saturday to return to the United States so I could see my attorney on Monday morning.

My friend took me into their home and basically forced me to take the money to pay for my attorney. (Not in a mean way). I went to court many times, but to no avail. It turns out when you’re all US citizens and leave the country for more than six months you lose your jurisdictional rights in the United States. I was forced to go to court in the Dominican Republic. You are not allowed an interpreter there. My ex-husband who comes from a rich family paid the judge in his favor.

I am now remarried and my current husband has spent every dime to help since my girls were kidnapped by their father. So far, its somewhere around $50,000 – we lost track.

Four years later I’m still fighting for my three beautiful girls to come home. My heart is broken.

My ex is evil and vindictive. How any human can use children as pawns in their game is absolutely beside me. I was always a great mother to my children and I always will be – I will never give up fighting. Every time I find a way to talk to my girls he finds a way to stop it by eliminating internet access to the girls. When I do get the chance to speak to my girls they tell me over and over again that they want to come home to mommy.

I have since had another baby with the beautiful man that I married. Sometimes when I look at him I cry. I feel guilty. I feel guilty that my daughters might think that I abandoned them. I sort of let them believe it because I can’t hurt them more. They are stuck in this situation and it wouldn’t be fair of me to make it harder for them. I have yet to tell them the truth of what really happened. I feel guilty, guilty for loving my son as much as I do! Guilty for feeling happiness. I feel guilty that I didn’t protect my daughters. I haven’t won yet. And I don’t think I’ll ever consider it a win when my precious babies come home, because those darling girls had to go through this.

There’s been so many times through this that I wish I could choke the life out of him. How dare he!

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